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Hello, my name is Monique R. Ransom and I am the CEO and Chancellor of Firm Foundations Ink. This Biblical Teaching and Training Academy is an online school founded based on Matthew 7:24-29." It is our belief that when we build on the firm foundation of Christ, we can withstand whatever comes our way because a foundation based on God produces a steadfast faith and life.

I have been in the field of Education for 36 years. I have certificates in specialty areas of leadership, special education, and spiritual counseling. I have dedicated 25 years of my life to birthing and maturing the body of Christ in the knowledge and understanding of God's Word.

Along with Firm Foundations Ink., I am also the CEO of Seth Deliverance & Outreach Ministries, Declare It So!, and DoveStar TV & Entertainment Production company.

Apostle Monique “Lily” Ransom

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