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Jan 20, 2024 - Feb 17, 2024

Deliverance Masterclass 102

  • 29Days
  • 9Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


The whole theme of Scripture is about God’s covenant with man to rescue, restore, heal, and deliver them, even while they have historically and consistently broken their end of the deal. Healing and deliverance come to those who are in covenant with God—the ones who remain faithful. those who are in covenant with God—the ones who remain faithful. If it weren’t for the mercy of God, every covenant violation that we commit today would cause us to be destroyed. Our actions outside of God’s plans for our lives put us in violation of the covenant and open us up to all kinds of evil and torment from the enemy. But God has created a way for us to be delivered out of all our troubles, then healed and restored to a place of authority in Him. It is through Jesus that we now are also the seed of Abraham. We have been grafted in, and because of this covenant we experience the mercy of God. When we see God acting on behalf of the people of Israel and then we see Jesus healing all those who were sick and casting out demons from those who were oppressed by the devil, we can see these as acts of God’s covenant of mercy. Scriptures *Genesis 22:15-18 *About this Plan *Scriptures For Faith, Deliverance, And Healing Through these powerful daily readings you will uncover the key to spiritual healing and reach a deeper understanding of deliverance.

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Deliverance  Is The Children’s Bread!

Deliverance Is The Children’s Bread!

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